Boulevard Photografica can lovingly restore your old, cracked, faded or stained photographs to original or better condition. If you've got treasured family photos that are torn, creased to near breaking, faded or have pencil or ink markings, we can create a better than original restoration copy. We can also remove unwanted items, reflections, imperfections or even unwanted people in your photos and create new photographs for you. We can even remove braces from your senior grad's high school portraits and more!

Please check out the samples of work Boulevard Photografica has done and then contact me, Patty G. Henderson, for all your photographic restorations or retouching.


This photograph was badly damaged by the emulsion peeling completely away from the actual paper. Extensive restoration was done to the entire photo and especially in reconstructing the sailors's faces.

This baby portrait was badly damaged in several ways. There was big piece of the upper right hand corner missing. It was also badly creased, stained and someone had scribbled over the baby's face with a ballpoint pen.

This Law group wanted all window reflections removed as well as reflections on doors, etc. They wanted the blinds drawn. Also, the two associates sitting down had coats open and ties hanging loose. They wanted their jackets closed like their colleagues standing behind them.

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